Well hello folks! So it looks like I’ll be dropping little notes here about me, my experiences as a trainer and fitness enthusiast, and my personal thoughts. My name is Daphne Colepaugh and I’ve been in the fitness industry as a personal trainer and group instructor for almost 10 years now. I’ve been in and out of gyms since high school because ultimately I sucked at sports, and I don’t ever see a time when I’ll be leaving the gym scene.

I learn something new in this industry all the time, and with it I am able to pass that information on to my clients.  I love teaching others something I enjoy doing myself, and to see them reach their goals is very rewarding. It’s disheartening when people join the gym just to quit shortly after, so I especially love it when members/clients find their personal passion in the gym and stick with it for years! But that’s the subject I wanted to touch on here, my personal story with keeping motivated in the gym.

I’ve gone through serious ruts in my fitness lifestyle. For the past two years, especially, I have gone up and down with my eating habits and workout routines. I have put on a few pounds and felt lack-luster when training. I have gone from heavy lifting and building mass to participating in more class-type training and leaning down. Then I fell into a rut. My eating went off the rails, I had low energy daily, and I put on unwanted pounds and just felt awful but didn’t know how to regain my motivation.

It may seem odd that a personal trainer, one who works in a fitness facility and is surrounded daily by so many fitness professionals, would have no problem finding new motivation, but it’s not always that easy. So what changed? Well, in my personal story I met a man who was going through a similar situation and we teamed up!

The biggest change was our eating – old news, but the most important for anyone working towards a healthier lifestyle. I dropped my cereal (I ate it every morning!), but I have it as a treat on Sundays. I cut out snacking and took a very different approach to food. I went from three main meals a day with snacks in between, to 5 smaller meals a day and a protein treat at night. We ate steamed veggies at every meal with lean meats and a small portion of grains. Spices changed everything as we got more creative with those as well as marinades. On top of that we would look forward to a cheat meal once a week. Since I got on this cleaner way of eating with my new gym buddy, now boyfriend, I have gone from a size 9 to a size 6! Troublesome fat started to drop and this past summer I wore a belly top for the first time since I was a teenager! I felt healthier, stronger, and sexier.

I changed my workouts to both gym and classes, and now I am thinking about rejoining an outside Jiu-jitsu class this winter for a continued change.

So even your highly-caffeinated personal trainer’s experience ruts, but that doesn’t mean it will last forever. I am surrounded by my very supportive boyfriend, family, friends, bosses, and co-workers who are always there for both me and others in our gym family to pick us back up when we lose motivation. If you are experiencing something similar maybe it’s time to join the gym, talk to a personal trainer or nutritionist, try a new class or activity to keep you interested, fit and healthy! Don’t let time slip by – find your new fitter self now!


Daphne has been a Personal Trainer since 2010 and has coached everyone from beginners to trained athletes.

Her passions lie in general fitness and mixed martial arts and is always working towards new gym goals.


An emotionally safe place..well trained instructors , clean, classes are challenging and fun and a feeling of community. Come on in ! You will be welcome !

Paula Foley

I spend a lot of time there working out and chatting with the staff and the other members. With their help I’m changing my life for the better. Thank you SO much to the staff for all that you do.

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