This is a frequently asked question I hear quite often. Before I give my thoughts on the topic I would like to add that the severity of the injury plays a big role in whether or not training is a good idea. So always be sure to check with your doctor before continuing exercise, and never continue training if not authorized. This is only going to further the injury, and slow down recovery.

With that out of the way what are my thoughts on the situation?

I believe that with a good personal trainer you should be able to continue staying active while injured. The last thing anyone of us wants is to lose all our progress and hard work we put in the gym, and with guidance from a professional you can work on rehabilitating the injury while continuing progress in the gym.

Injuries are something that always seems to sneak up on us unexpectedly, but with the guidance of a personal trainer we can help prevent injuries from occurring.


Kristian is a Personal Trainer working in the Miramichi area. He loves helping clients achieve their fitness goals thru proper training and nutrition.

His specialty is helping clients gain new found muscle and shed unwanted body fat.


An emotionally safe place..well trained instructors , clean, classes are challenging and fun and a feeling of community. Come on in ! You will be welcome !

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