Hey fitness fans!

This time around I wanted to talk a bit about the social side of fitness. Most of us at one time have been in a gym and have had some sort of interaction, whether by chatting with staff, having an ongoing conversation with your personal trainer, training with a friend, or being part of a larger group class who has since become a small family.

Humans are naturally social creatures, so whether you prefer brief interactions or long-winded ones, the gym is a great place to build all sorts of enjoyable relations. Some folks prefer to zone out on their headphones (I myself enjoy this occasionally), while others find their motivation through others. Having scheduled classes works so well with many gym members as the class is programed for you, you have at least one, if not more, personal trainers present to coach you throughout the routine, and when you’re done you leave with a great sense of accomplishment! I have seen the group fitness family grow steadily, and the results are powerful. You can laugh your way through a tough workout, make new friends, and encourage others to join in on the experience.

Then there’s the one-on-one aspect. Personal training is a staple of most fitness facilities and with so many personalities on staff we have someone for everyone! Men and women with extensive backgrounds on all things fitness, we offer crucial advice when helping individuals meet and surpass their fitness goals. Don’t forget  the “free therapy” sessions that comes with personal training. I have offered life advice, been a shoulder to cry on, provided comedic relief, and so much more to folks expecting just a PT session. The experiences have been rewarding on both sides as well.

So you don’t have to always bring friends with you to the gym, sometimes you’ll make the best ones here!


Daphne has been a Personal Trainer since 2010 and has coached everyone from beginners to trained athletes.

Her passions lie in general fitness and mixed martial arts and is always working towards new gym goals.


An emotionally safe place..well trained instructors , clean, classes are challenging and fun and a feeling of community. Come on in ! You will be welcome !

Paula Foley

I spend a lot of time there working out and chatting with the staff and the other members. With their help I’m changing my life for the better. Thank you SO much to the staff for all that you do.

David Rose