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For those suffering with chronic medical conditions, Medex Training will work directly with you to better understand the mechanism (root cause) of your injury / condition. We will then work to build a road map to correct the issue and get you back to living a pain free life. Medex works along side your Allied Health Professional to ensure your best care.

You’re Covered

We work in tandem with your primary care provider, physio, chiropractor and any other medical professional to make sure no matter the issue we have you covered.

focused on you

Our sessions are private and inclusive. We put our entire energy and effort into you and you alone.

making a difference

Medex exists to change things in your life for the better and utilizing our years of knowledge and experience, you are in good hands.


We have put together a quick list of some of most frequently asked questions but should there be a question not listed, please feel free to reach out to us and we will be happy to answer it for you.

What is Medical Exercise?

Medical exercise is a type of prescriptive corrective exercise for the correction of musculoskeletal conditions and for the management of chronic illnesses. Where medical exercise differs from other therapies, is that it is based in movement. Specifically, the restoration and retraining of your natural biomechanics (your old, pain-free!!! normal).

Can you help with my chronic [back/ knee/ shoulder/ etc.] pain?

YES!!! In short, I teach you how to fix it.

The process involves teaching you how to realize and restore pain free movement through strength and mobility protocols based on biomechanical assessments. Whether pain is determined to be joint based, or soft tissue based, it is typically caused by a muscular imbalance causing dysfunctional movement. Over enough duty cycles, or repetitions of that movement dysfunction, you will develop chronic pain. Determining the mechanism of that injury and working to correct it will break the chronic pain loop.

What is the difference between a Medical Exercise Specialist (ME!) and a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers are trained to work with the “generally healthy” population, while an MES is trained to work with individuals dealing with a medical pathology (from chronic pain to accident and stroke rehabilitation).

I help you learn to work and strengthen your muscles so that you are pain free!

What is the difference between a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, and a Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)?

You would normally see your physiotherapist for acute care and myself for the later phases of rehabilitation, when the injury is sub-acute or chronic.

Corrective exercise also works very well in conjunction with chiropractic care, to help stabilize the structure of the area of the body being adjusted.

During the phases of exercise and movement-based rehabilitation, you would also benefit from the care of a qualified massage therapist.

Does medical exercise work with other treatments, such as chiropractic, physiotherapy, and massage?

YES! Corrective movement strategies have been shown to significantly augment the treatments by other primary care providers as part of a COLLABORATIVE approach expediting recovery times.

Are your services covered by insurance?

My services are covered by insurance in the case of a motor vehicle accident, on the recommendation by your family doctor, or primary care provider.

Though I am able to work under the directive of your physiotherapist or chiropractor, my services are not directly insurance eligible under most extended care plans.

What conditions do you help with? How long does each treatment typically take?

I generally work with musculoskeletal and lifestyle conditions – chronic back pain, athletic injuries, strokes, vehicle accidents, etc. Time to recovery depends on the severity of the injury.

How often will you see people (duration of treatment; frequency)?

It normally takes clients 3-5 sessions to develop proficiency with exercises before they can increase independent exercise. Those Initial sessions would typically be delivered over the span of 2 weeks.

I just got out of ______ surgery, can you help me?

The first 6-weeks post-op will typically be overseen by a physiotherapist or another manual therapist. Occasionally, your primary care provider may wish that the exercise portion of your early rehab be carried out with an MES, but that is on a case by case basis.

What role do you bring in terms of my long-term fitness?

Your movement health should be as much a priority as your cardiovascular health or dental health is. My goal is to help you move better and often so that you don’t experience long-term, chronic pain.


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