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FIT Classes are boot-camp style classes in a fun, safe, non-competitive and friendly environment. Various classes of exercises (pushing, pulling, squats, lunges, cardio, core, strength, stretching, flexibility) and motivating coaches. Age groups vary from 15-65, males and females and all fitness levels. Structured workouts are led by certified instructors and can include both Indoor and outdoors elements. We offer plenty of daily classes that fit with your work/life schedule. PEAK is committed to a strong focus on proper form, technique and movement in order to avoid injury.

PEAK Fitness also offers our FIT Level 1 Class which is geared for beginners to “I’m not at FIT level yet, but i’m close”. This class shows variation/modifications for the whole class to be able to perform the described exercises. Less intense class setting, but still working the whole body and giving you a great workout.



Easily one of the best benefits of our FIT Classes is the community. This is a great way to meet other friendly people from Miramichi and train together in a fun and safe environment.


Our pursuit of fitness for all our clients never comes at the expense of safety and proper form. We always encourage modified movement patterns for those new to training and have a coach on hand for every class.


Most of our classes rely on a circuit system to ensure you never have to wait for equipment. This allows everyone to go at their own pace and get a workout that meets their own intensity requirement. We are still there to push you and make sure you go as hard as you can.


An emotionally safe place..well trained instructors , clean, classes are challenging and fun and a feeling of community. Come on in ! You will be welcome !

Paula Foley

I spend a lot of time there working out and chatting with the staff and the other members. With their help I’m changing my life for the better. Thank you SO much to the staff for all that you do.

David Rose




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