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We have been voted Best Fitness Facility on the River Since 2014 because we care. Our gym has great staff, fantastic equipment, amazing programs and is kept clean for your training needs.


PEAK Fitness caters to all fitness levels by having a variety of options available. We offer programs for the beginner, the active senior and the die hard fitness enthusiast. Check out all our programs below.

Personal training

If you are new to the gym or someone looking for some additional help, we suggest you start with a few sessions of Personal Training with one of our certified staff members.


We do offer new clients a FREE 3 Day Pass to come in and experience our gym and classes. This is a great way for you to see what we have to offer with no obligation.

Classes For All Fitness Levels

Our classes and programs are all inclusive meaning no matter your fitness level we will find a modification for you. Start by learning more below and feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.


FIT Classes are boot-camp style classes in a fun, safe, non-competitive and friendly environment. Various classes of exercises (pushing, pulling, squats, lunges, cardio, core, strength, stretching, flexibility) and motivating coaches. Age groups vary from 15-65, males and females and all fitness levels. Structured workouts are led by certified instructors and can include both Indoor and outdoors elements. We offer plenty of daily classes that fit with your work/life schedule. PEAK is committed to a strong focus on proper form, technique and movement in order to avoid injury.


PEAK Fitness also offers our FIT Level 1 Class which is geared for beginners to “I’m not at FIT level yet, but i’m close”. This class shows variation/modifications for the whole class to be able to perform the described exercises. Less intense class setting, but still working the whole body and giving you a great workout.


PEAK Fitness is happy to offer a class exclusive to our 55+ demographic here in Miramichi. This class is designed with low impact exercises that all fitness levels can do while still offering enough challenge to keep you coming back for more.


At PEAK we are all about  teaching kids how to move properly, with quality form and technique. Fun games and strength training programs are utilized to keep the kids engaged and having a great time. We currently offer classes for ages 8-14. All fitness levels are invited to participate in our fun atmosphere with a structure program designed.


Our Olympic Lifting Program is great for those looking to work on their Olympic Lifts in a safe and inviting atmosphere. It runs every Wednesday night at 730PM. This program has a coach on hand to always ensure proper form and technique are followed and all levels are welcomed to attend.


For those suffering with chronic medical conditions, Medex Training will work directly with you to better understand the mechanism (root cause) of your injury / condition. We will then work to build a road map to correct the issue and get you back to living a pain free life. Medex works along side your Allied Health Professional to ensure your best care.

Your First 3 DAYS ARE on Us

You read that right! Your first 3 days are completely FREE with our no obligation introduction to our gym. Stop in today and let us help you get started on your fitness journey.


This is the first gym where I feel this comfortable. The staff, the owners, and the other members make it a great place to pump iron. 10/10!!

Joey Godin

Just left the area, but Peak was by far my favourite gym for the past few years. The hours are long enough that you can find a time that works. And although it isn’t the biggest gym, it isn’t normally crowded. All the other regular members are friendly/respectful. The equipment is excellent, and new things seem to pop up constantly. The staff are all very helpful, nice/ friendly (but not in your face/aggressive). I’ve found it to be a very comfortable place where you can do your own thing. Would definitely recommend. Cheers to the great staff!

Mikey Playford

Glad to be getting back on track, we love the look of this gym, so clean and new.

Melissa Guavin




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