Our Coaching Staff is here to ASSIST you with your Fitness Journey. Reach out to any of us for help anytime!


Daphne Colepaugh


Position: Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor

Experience / Certifications: Personal Trainer, Kickboxing & MMA, Older Adult Fitness Instructor

Favorite Exercise: Bench Press and Jiu Jitsu

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?: Saved a beached, poisonous sea snake while vacationing in Australia

What Is Your Signature Dance Move?: The Grade 8 Shuffle

How Do You Feel About Putting Pineapple On Pizza?: YES

Dave Crawford


Position: Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Experience / Certifications: Canfit Pro Personal Training Specialist, Ageless Grace Certified

Favorite Exercise: BURPEES (joke), rowing, running, fit class

What is the craziest thing you have ever done?: Tough Mudder x 8 or streaking… (to close to call)

What’s Your Biggest Kitchen Fail?: Burn Water

Would You Rather Have To Eat A Bowl Full Of Crickets Or A Bowl Full Of Worms?: crickets

Kristian Rolfe


Position: Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer

Experience / Certifications: Fitness Theory, Resistance Training Leader, Personal Trainer Fitness New Brunswick

Favorite Exercise: Chin-Up

If you could eat only one food for the rest of your life what would it be?: Spaghetti and Meatballs

What is your favorite Ice Cream flavor?: Neapolitan

What is the stupidest way you ever hurt yourself?: Shattered my ankle walking the dog. Literally blew my ankle into 10 pieces. Haha.

“PEAKS STAFF IS COMMITTED TO YOUR HEALTH AND WELL BEING. If you have any questions while in our facility, ask any of our staff as we love to help!”

Our Fitness Facility is home to a wide array of fitness equipment to meet your every want and desire.

We have a full line of cardio equipment including treadmills, stationary bikes, ellipticals, stair master and spin bikes.



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Miramichi is a small town and we love to keep that small town vibe in everything we do while still providing big city programs and access to specialized equipment. We want to get to know you and our members care for one another. We are very fortunate to have such amazing members and it shows in our daily operation.

This is the first gym where I feel this comfortable. The staff, the owners, and the other members make it a great place to pump iron. 10/10!!

Joey Godin

Just left the area, but Peak was by far my favourite gym for the past few years. The hours are long enough that you can find a time that works. And although it isn’t the biggest gym, it isn’t normally crowded. All the other regular members are friendly/respectful. The equipment is excellent, and new things seem to pop up constantly. The staff are all very helpful, nice/ friendly (but not in your face/aggressive). I’ve found it to be a very comfortable place where you can do your own thing. Would definitely recommend. Cheers to the great staff!

Mikey Playford

Glad to be getting back on track, we love the look of this gym, so clean and new.

Melissa Gauvin




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