I’ve been going to/working at gyms since high school and over that time I have witnessed many ways in which they change. From equipment upgrades, class structures, new paint jobs and the like, gyms are always trying to find ways to better serve the public; however, there is one thing that always remains a constant: People keep coming back! Like not just the January resolution folks, or people coming back after taking a summer off, I mean people that return daily! What madness is this?!

Turns out there are countless reasons why men and women of all ages, weights and goal stages keep coming back to our fitness facilities, and it’s impressive! For some it’s about losing fat, building muscle, and increasing flexibility. There are those who want to train for a fitness event or a competition. There are some who come for the social aspect – just wanting to chat as they train on a machine or two, or they are in the community-driven group class all sweating, laughing, and cheering one another on. There are those who drag themselves in here because their doctor told them to. There are those who come for alone time, mental health time, and breaking up the stress of the workday. There are those who develop friendships with their coaches and continue to work side by side on a weekly base, while others come with their partners to make sure one doesn’t fall behind.

For the longest time I thought there was something “wrong” with all of us. For example, I was originally going to title this blog “Looking at the Mental Instability of Fitness Fans”, but maybe that came across as a little odd, lol. Maybe it’s more than that. We groan and moan about working out, being sore the next day, growling when our coach pushes us to do one more rep, and swear at the end of the workout that we hated the routine – but we still show up again the next day to do it all over again! Secretly we must love it. Deep down we feel gratification and self-pride when we reach a new goal, but hate to admit it. I mean, there’s comfort in complaining and hearing others complain too – but we feel so jacked up to return to see what’s next, and high-five our friends when they come back too.

So maybe we’re crazy, maybe we’re not. Either way we’re still here!

So you don’t have to always bring friends with you to the gym, sometimes you’ll make the best ones here!


Daphne has been a Personal Trainer since 2010 and has coached everyone from beginners to trained athletes.

Her passions lie in general fitness and mixed martial arts and is always working towards new gym goals.


An emotionally safe place..well trained instructors , clean, classes are challenging and fun and a feeling of community. Come on in ! You will be welcome !

Paula Foley

I spend a lot of time there working out and chatting with the staff and the other members. With their help I’m changing my life for the better. Thank you SO much to the staff for all that you do.

David Rose